6 gadgets for a much smarter smart home

6 gadgets for a much smarter smart home
09 Aug

Your home is about to get a little smarter. New versions of well-established gadgets that monitor your home, schedule (and postpone) your automatic sprinklers, and lock the doors of your house make it easier to keep the premises running smoothly. And, lower prices on gadgets like the Nest Thermostat E help any homeowner “get smart” about their home.

1. Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller ($230)

This popular controller for your in-ground sprinkler system is now in its third generation. The new system uses local radar, weather stations, and satellites to set watering schedules. A bundle that costs $329 includes a water flow sensor that detects leaks.

2. Hanwha Wisenet SmartCam D1 ($229)

Brand new on the market, this automated doorbell alerts you to visitors. You can use facial recognition features to detect visitors. And of course the SmartCam D1 works with Amazon Alexa so you can ask about who visited today and see a summary.


3. Whirlpool Smart Top Load Washer with Remote Control ($1,499)

This 5.4-cubic foot front load washer uses an app that helps you rest easy. You’ll see alerts about load imbalances, detergent problems, and when clothes are done. You can start and pause the washer as well. There’s a matching 8.8-cubic foot smart dryer as well.

4. Vivint Smart Hub (Pricing Varies)

A brand new SkyControl panel that’s more compact is the main draw to this smart home security and automation system. The panel is bright and responsive to finger touches. You can use Amazon Alexa as well to lock the doors and close the garage door openers.

5. Sonos Beam ($399)

One smart approach to modern home security and control? Talk to the soundbar in your living room. The Sonos Beam works with Alexa so you can dim the lights by voice (with the Vivint system above) or start the sprinklers (with the Rachio above).

6. Nest Thermostat E

Another smart addition, this new Nest model is more affordable but has the same motion sensing capability as the original thermostat. If you leave on vacation, the Nest can lower the temp automatically. It has a sleek, white design that blends into the room.

Source: http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2018/08/08/6-gadgets-for-much-smarter-smart-home.html

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