Assigning an Adaptive Switch to Control a Smart Device

Assigning an Adaptive Switch to Control a Smart Device
10 Aug

In order to assign a switch to an IFTTT command, we need to assign a switch in the tecla app first Select the menu button to connect to your tecla-e device

Once the app has found your device, select tecla-e followed by a string of characters Now select the switches icon Here you can see a diagram with all the different switches that can assign to IFTTT functions including the built-in switch, Port A, Port B, Port E and Port W In this case, we will assign Port B or switch number one to an IFTTT trigger Select Port B and select Primary switch

Now you have two options We will select Press, so that whenever we press the switch, the action will occur The next prompt allows you to select IFTTT Trigger This information will be how the switch will be listed in IFTTT, as in, If This meaning when this switch is pressed whatever you select as Then That will occur Now we're going to select no later and go directly to the IFTTT app

Note that the exclamation mark that appears beside the switch label just means that we haven't assigned a switch to the command yet This is our next step Go back to your home page and navigate to the IFTTT app We are going to create a new Applet First, go to My Applets and press the plus icon

Select this Now we are going to search for Tecla If this was the first time that you signed in with Tecla, you would now see a login prompt at this page However, since we are logged in already, we can go straight to assigning the switch to If This As you can see, the switch that we just connected in the tecla app is already there That's because this is the only switch currently connected to our tecla-e

After we select Create trigger, we can now create the Then That action We are going to select a Philips Hue lamp that we have here at the Tecla office We're going to search for the service just like we did with Tecla For our smart lamp, we are going to select toggle lights on and off so that when we press our switch, the lights will either turn on or off Then we will select our connected light based on the label we have previously created

Now that we have our IFTTT Applet, we can now create notifications or edit the title, or, just scroll down so you can select finish now we have created a custom Applet and can now get out of the app and go back to the tecla app to show you that it worked We're going to go to our device, then switches, so we can see the configuration If you remember there is previously an exclamation mark next to our switch Watch now as we press our switch and turn on the light to learn more visit gettecla


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