Best Fitness Tracker Deals 2017 – Monitor Sleep & Heart Rate!

Best Fitness Tracker Deals 2017 – Monitor Sleep & Heart Rate!
06 Aug

– It's a smart watch, meets fitness tracker, meets fitbit equivalent, tracking your sleep, your calories, your pedometer, your heart rate monitor And I'm giving this away for free

Oh yeah (gentle music) You won't believe the price Hi, I'm the YouTube deal guy Matt Granat One of the biggest requests of this almost, well technically holiday quarter, a lot of you looking for smart watch and fitbit's equivalents Fitbits, I don't know if it's plural

I don't really care 'Cause there are a lot of deals and plural color options We got this, we got this I love that I can now track my sleep, or lack there of, learn a little bit more about the amount of steps that I've taken, my heart rate monitor Let's be honest, looking at me you know that I'm probably against most types of physical activity

But I run around a lot and it's good to know what's going on with your body because then I can help you plan for the rest of your life Very responsive touch screen display It's already told me that I did a good job because it likes how often I move But I will tell you that you can put it into different modes that involve relaxation You can get your messages synced from your smart phone

And, I also like the bright display I will tell you the training mode goes beyond what many smart watches will do This has a badminton mode, it has a walking mode Can you guys see that? It has a running mode It has a biking mode

So depending on what type of physical activity you partake in, treadmill mode, it can decipher between those different footsteps that it's counting, even hiking And this makes this just a little bit better equipped than many of the devices you'll see on the market I also really like that within the sleep modes and the heart rate counting that you can tell the watch what state you're in Phenomenal that you get that control and yeah, it really thinks I did a good job Chances are, you carry around enough chargers

This watch eliminates the need for a cord You simply pull it out of the band where you can, of course, choose the color And this plugs directly into a smart phone charger you would already have via USB This smart watch pairs quickly and easily with an Apple or Android smart phone, tablet I love that it's waterproof

It is a phenomenal sleep tracker Software actually very good at giving you that key information to help you plan better You also can monitor your heart, the number of steps you've taken, it is a fully functional pedometer Encompassing many of the smart watch and fitbit features that you would otherwise be paying for two to three times the price This is under 40 bucks

Located right under the video screen So today's deal, is also doctor approved – Lose weight, improve your health, on your wrist I like this watch because it does two things Number one, it gives you all of the traditional elements of a fitness tracker, it improves and counts your steps, and your workouts and the calories burnt

On the other hand, it also works as a sleep tracker In my opinion, tracking your sleep, especially your deep sleep, is the number one most important thing to improving your overall health Play a game with yourself See if you can increase your deep sleep each and every night If you do that, you will improve your overall health, and you're gonna lose weight

– Now you can score this by expanding the video description box right under me For the awesome subscribers watching right now if you have not yet subscribed you can still answer, just leave me a comment I would love to know, do you wear a smart watch? Now some people have just given up on smart watches Some people have given up on watches in general And some of you are looking down at your smart phone every three seconds

So this may be a good way to bridge the gap between that But, I want to know your opinion And, I also want to hook you up So right now, my favorite point of the video is that giveaway, using Tube Buddies random selection tool to find the lucky subscriber who's commented in the last six months Congratulations goes to John M, you've won, just email support at Mattdeals

com to claim your freebie (claps hands) Yeah! (claps hands) Awesome! Yep, my heart rate's up (claps hands) (claps hands) Wicked! Okay Now, if you missed out on this and you want to make sure that you got hooked up for a future giveaway, very easy process to get subscribed Just click on my head right here that'll subscribe you to this channel

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