Casio’s Huge Smartwatch & Rugged Action Cam [Hands On]

Casio’s Huge Smartwatch & Rugged Action Cam [Hands On]
09 Aug

– [Voiceover] Casio You know them for their iconic digital wristwatches of the 80s and 90s

And if you're a MrMobile watcher, you know them for a big hunkin' smartwatch with a name only an engineer could love At this year's CES, that watch gets an upgrade and a new coat of paint, and across the booth I fall head over heels for a cool, crazy camera I'd never use Let's hit the watch first If you saw my videos this summer, you'll know that the WSD-F10 was an Android smartwatch built for the outdoorsman, with distinctions like a dual-layer display and a built-in barometer, but lacking features like standalone GPS, or a heart rate monitor This year's WSD-F20 fixes the more egregious of those shortcomings

There's now independent GPS on board, along with mapping applications that should let you keep track of your location even without a data connection It still leaves off the heart rate sensor, but honestly, that's fine by me Also significant, this watch packs Android Wear 20, which should bring many improvements, including a revised user interface and the Google Assistant, the same one I've gotten to know from my time on the Google Pixel smartphone I'm happy to see that the innovative dual layer display has stuck around, which means this watch should be just as easy to read in bright daylight

The durability rating remains high, and the black or orange color choice remains No sign of any olive drab version, though The F20 is expected to launch in April for $500 Last year, that was a mighty steep price for a chunky smartwatch lacking some crucial outdoor capabilities This year, it's still damn pricey, but the new feature set might just be enough to put it over the top

If you thought that's all there was to see at the Casio booth, then you're as wrong as the folks who think action cameras are dead They're not, at least not in Japan That's one of only a handful of launch markets for the FR200, a 4K digital camera designed to be used by, well, the same kind of person who might buy the smartwatch: a camper, a hiker, or a beach bum It's waterproof, dustproof, and shock resistant, with three-axis stabilization and a wide-angle lens And I do mean wide

This thing captures a full 180 degrees with the dome view, and you can get absurdly close to the lens That's pretty easy to see in this shot because the camera separates into two independent components, each with its own power source and controls So you can set up the optics where you want them, and remotely snap a shot with the monitor or your phone or watch Accessories from tripods to ring lights are available from Casio to spruce this sucker up And there are a number of variations, from older models with different lens set ups to a specifically tuned low light version, to a prototype model with thermal imaging from FLIR

If these came to America, I'd probably buy one But I have to admit, soon afterward, it'd probably start gathering dust on a shelf Fact is, I already have a choice of smartphone cameras that do much of what these models can Not as well in some areas, but well enough in most cases that it's tough to justify the expenditure for this And Casio seems to think that most Americans are like me, because there are currently no plans to offer any of these for sale in the States

A shame, but probably for the best, business wise This was MrMobile's last video from CES 2017, folks Thanks for coming with me on the epic tech journey, and to see more technology that didn't make it to the YouTube channel, be sure to hit me up on Facebook at the MrMobile Next week, we'll return to the regular MrMobile schedule Farewell from Las Vegas, thanks for watching, and stay mobile, my friends

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