Cheap FitBit Alternative – RunMe Fitness Tracker Review

Fitness Trackers are highly popular and for good reason they're quite handy to have around they can help keep track of your fitness routines and calories burned keep track of your dietary intake and even monitor your sleep patterns the most common of these trekkers is arguably Fitbit so much so that all sometimes people refer to any wearable fitness tracker as a Fitbit regardless of what brand it is but a regular Fitbit can run anywhere between 99 and 200 dollars depending on which one you purchase and that might be out of most people spending range but even though Fitbit is the most popular name on the market there are cheaper alternatives out there that provide the same if not more options and a far more reasonable price tag today I'm going to be showing you the run me fitness tracker the company sent me one of the run me wearable trackers and for the past week I've been using it to see how it holds up on Amazon the run me is under $40 currently and routinely goes on sale for less I'm going to put a link to it in the video description down below if you would like to check it out so I'll show you how it works and then we're going to compare it to a Fitbit the band is made of TPE or a thermoplastic rubber it's real stretchy and strong and comfortable around your wrist and has an adjustable latched connector similar to most watches it contains a Nordic internal CPU and Akai Onix sensor this is the built-in accelerometer and gyroscope that helps to determine what is a step and is not when is counting your steps it features USB charging which you can access by removing the sensor from the band and plugging it into a standard USB charging device like an outlet or even your computer it takes about one and a half hours to fully charge and has standby time between five and 10 days depending on your usage and then you just snap it back into the band the interface on the device is an OLEDs screen device and it's all touch based there's no physical buttons on it you navigate the menus by taps and swipes of your fingers from the device you can view your foot steps your heart rate calories burned distance traveled and time active it also has onboard features such as relaxation mode to help slow your breathing and relax stop watch SMS message reading capabilities weather notification remote camera control GPS phone call alerts sedentariness reminder music control find phone capabilities and more to get the full experience of the device you need to download the free app from the store called very fit Pro it's available for Android and Apple and it is free and it connects to your tracker via bluetooth this allows you to create a profile and track your daily activities you set it up by starting off with your gender your birth date your height and weight which are the factors that the device is used to estimate steps taken and calories burned because that's not an exact science it just kind of has to get the best guess possible now I did run into a little bit of trouble when I was trying to get this device to pair with my phone via bluetooth but in all fairness I ran into the same problems connecting the Fitbit and another fitness tracker I've been using which is more or less a Bluetooth problem not the actual tracker itself but once it was paired I didn't have any further difficulties getting it to sync information between the band and the app for my activities so now let's put the run me and the Fitbit to the test head-to-head for step counting I wore both devices on the same hand and went for a one-mile walk around my neighborhood then I checked the steps taken for that exercise on both of run me and the Fitbit the steps counted were nearly identical within about 1% of each other which is a negligible difference so let's compare features both the run me and the Fitbit have heart rate monitor pedometer activity and sedentary monitor relaxation mode calories burned multiple workout mode such is from the ability to access call text and weather alerts built in GPS to record paths traveled sleep pattern tracking and the ability to control music remotely the Fitbit does keep an estimated tracking of the number of flights of stairs climbed in a day whereas the read me does not and the read me allows for remote control of camera which the Fitbit doesn't seem to do but besides those two features the option is provided by the fitness bands are nearly identical and my results from using both bands simultaneously is that the run me performs just as good as the Fitbit in every case and the fact that the run me is between 1/2 and 1/4 the cost of a Fitbit depending on which model you choose this is a very viable alternative and I highly recommend it if you're looking to purchase a new fitness tracker and that wraps up my review of the run me fitness tracker if you have any questions do drop it in the comment section down below I hope you found the information useful and if you did do me a favor hit that thumbs up button 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