Don’t buy the Movado Android Wear Smart Watch unless you watch this

Don’t buy the Movado Android Wear Smart Watch unless you watch this
10 Aug

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, Aaron here with 4 the Love of Tech bringing you another video as promised The Movado Android Wear Watch

I'm so excited about this, I was deeply disappointed in the Michael Kors watch and the battery life on it Jackie I know you were too, it's a struggle We both walked through it together However, I was able to return it and I did save you from making a $500 mistake Eh, it may have been like $350-400 and then with the extended was closer to five

At any rate, I got it and here we go We have the Movado Connect, very simple We've got the picture of the beautiful Movado Android Wear just in its classic Museum face setting and the we got a little bit more of the Android Wear with it in action with a little bit more of a true Android type of look to it So they put the battery, you see that, on the front of this so I'm hoping maybe this has got a good battery life to it Let me read the back of it to you guys

Movado Android Wear Bluetooth Smart Get on on the Play Store and the Apple App store Guys you can use this Apple users, you can use this Compatible with Android OS 4

3 or higher, iOS 9 or above That's an Apple operating system You can use this watch on the Apple operating system Integrates with Google Fit This package contains watch, charging cable, which I'm really interested to see the charging cable on this, quick start guide

Okay, so this is a Movado watch, completely made in China So let's get to unboxing this thing Here we go with the trusty Swiss army knife Let's go ahead and get this thing opened up as delicately as we can (upbeat techno music) As you guys know, I'm super excited about this

I have a nice little Movado collection Not the biggest, not the most expensive, but my mom, back in 2007 for Christmas, gave me my very first Movado, thank you Mom And ever since then I've been kind of chasing extremely unique Movados, however, with the draw to smartwatches for myself, as most days I'm wearing two smartwatches, you can tell in both my videos, an Apple watch and usually my Samsung one, I haven't had a chance to use my Movados, only on occasion And the reality is most of them have dead batteries Alright look at this, this is a more of a Movado classic box at this point

Movado, flipping it over here we go Alright now we're opening it up Oh This is what we got guys We have the watch with the charging cables in it

Nothing too complicated here I've got my charging cable Let's look at this, see what that looks Oh, whoa man down, man down Okay we'll just set that over there for now

So this must be our quick start guide This is our charging cable This is a really interesting design Look at this, it's got some little prongs right there It looks like it's circular with a hole in it obviously

So that's interesting Let's set this, oh sorry, let's set that over there (upbeat techno music) Movado Connect, right, we finally have it I'm super excited about this I've wanted this watch for a really long time

I wasn't 100 percent sold on it and then I did the Michael Kors Android Wear version and I was in love, I was like this is amazing It's got Android Wear and Michael Kors all at once Okay guys, it looks like we're gonna have to charge this a little bit, but let me just show you guys It looks like there's still another piece of plastic under here, we'll discard that, but it looks like this thing is a pretty snug magnet See, it just clicks right into place Pretty snug, so we're gonna set this up We're gonna put the charging cable on it and plug them into the power bank for a couple minutes and see if we can get some juice to activate it Alright this is what we have going on

We are loading up Android Wear which is a beautiful system in itself Ah, Android Wear, setting up, there we go So we've gotta find this little guy Alright, the Movado Connect, oh, we got it! We got it guys, that quick! Now one of the things I want to pay attention to with this unboxing and this setup is how good the setup process actually works I know Android Wear is Android Wear, blah blah blah, however some watches, based on my experience, are a little bit more complicated to set up than others

And I don't know what the rhyme or reason is for it This Movado Android Wear watch, guys I think this is the watch for me It's Movado and it's an Android Wear You guys know I'm a little bit practical, but I'm a whole heck of a lot more bougie (laughing) True story

Okay so here we go We're gonna sync all, oh you guys can't have all my email addresses Alright guys here we are, we're all set Look at these animations on Android Wear, so cool You don't really see or get that with the other guys, alright

So Movado Connect, it took me right to it, Movado Connected, wow look at that watch face It is beautiful, it's even got the little Movado at the very bottom like a regular Movado This thing is gorgeous, it's got the dial Oh a tutorial, alright To get started, swipe up

Let's do this together because I think it's important people want to check this out This is a simple notification Tap to get more details, okay Notifications will appear below the watch face, down here Tapping them opens the app messages and more

There we go, swipe right to exit, there we go Press the power button to go back to the watch face Okay Alright, press the button to see apps Okay

Oh, guys was that it? I think that was, that was everything To move an app to the top press and hold it Oh Well, what do we want to put to the top? Let's put, oh that wasn't press and hold was it? Alright, let's put find my phone at the top Push and hold, oh

Look at that Boom, it's at the top It's a favorite Look at this Fit, where are you? So we're gonna have to put some apps on here to actually make this thing work

I think it's most likely gonna be downloading more apps as we go It does take time, it is a new watch We did just set it up So we do need to give it some time I do want to explore a couple more watch faces

I do like the look of this one Whoa, look at that, perspective Oh look, and when it comes on it changes colors Let's see what options we have Okay so we can change our compilation

So that means we can change what we have quick access to Ideally I would want to put Empty, okay so there's not a whole lot that we can put on here, general two items

So notifications next agenda so there's nothing really in here that I want to put so we're gonna leave this for right now until my other apps finish downloading Oh, we have memories with May and Robert I wonder what those are So we click on that Oh, look at this, this is our notification

That's how it works guys So I think we just swipe right to get rid of it Oh, google, google Okay so our emails are attacking us because we set it up Alright, this is it

This is the watch that I've been waiting to show you guys It's gorgeous It does all sorts of stuff This is actually pretty cool It gives you our current time, it gives you somebody else's time, it gives us the date, and any upcoming events

This one, this is the Elements, this one actually might be the one that I stick on Either this or the Museum Classic This is, this is the beautiful one So this is our Museum compilation so even with the Museum series, we can still do compilations, uh oh, Google Fit's coming for me Alright, I think we've gone through it enough

We've done an unboxing, we did a quick little demo small kind of setup with it I don't think there's much else to do There will be a review on this I want to love this watch I am going into this wanting to be in love with it

I don't know if I'm going to I'm gonna remove this As you can see, this is my home screen I like to keep my home screen pretty, but one swipe over and I've gotta see my waves because namaste Pretty much what we're doing is this is Android Wear

And we already love Android Wear Now what we're testing is the build quality of this What's the battery life? How's it hold up? Does it ding and scratch really easy? God I hope not, this is a beautiful device 4 the Love of Tech, go in your drawers, go into your desks at work, go under the bed, go behind the bed, go in the closet, and pull out those old electronics that you're not using, take them, and give them to some one else that will use them Give them as a friend, give them to a family, give them to anybody, give them to a stranger

4 the Love of Tech, go out into the world, and put a smile on somebody's face Namaste (upbeat music) As always 4 the Love of Tech is ramping up for another give away If you want to go ahead and enter, give me a thumbs up, share the video, and give me roman numerals 1,023 dash comment Easy peasy

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