Eaton Connects the Cornelius Home with Smart Technology

Eaton Connects the Cornelius Home with Smart Technology
10 Aug

(rock music) (echoing room) – I got one package, I'm trying to get the other package – We're just walking around the house and making sure all the light switches and demos and everything that we've installed, you know, it's working well, it's connected to the right lights and everything, so that the family, when they walk in, it's to their liking

(upbeat music) – Part of making this a connected home is all about the electrical fixtures, so Eaton once again came in, came through big, Advait thanks for joining us, you and your crew have done an amazing job Tell us what you did to upgrade the electric in this home So we are getting another force focus, it was really hurry made this a connected home you know, add to the convenience and the comfort for the family, so we swapped out almost all of the electrical device in the house, from a convenience standpoint, we put in USB receptacles, we put in (mumbles) light wattless lighting controls, and that really helps make this a connected home And it's really easy, you know, that's the key thing with technology, you want to make it accessible, and you also want to make it easy to use, and as an added blessing, Alexa, turn off living room lights – Okay

– Well you guys came through in a big way, as you always do on all of our Military Makeovers, this one was extra special because of Aaron and his disability, and you came through to make it something that's going to make him safe, comfortable and convenient, and I would imagine too, energy efficient now with all these new fixtures – Yeah I mean, we have altered the whole home with energy efficient LED lights, we've put in motion sensors, we've put in timers, and all of these really do a great job in terms of saving a lot of energy, so again, that's something that we are very passionate about you know how to be sustainable and how to give back, not just to the community but being good to the environment, so we put a lot of these devices in – It's a win all the way around, listen I'm gonna get going, I gotta finish up before the big reveal, I'll let you finish up your conversation with Alexa, how about that? – Thank you – Take it easy (upbeat music)

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