Fitness Trackers – Technology Inside – Making you Fit??

Fitness Trackers – Technology Inside – Making you Fit??
24 Jul

Subscribe to technical Guruji channel and click on bell icon Latest Technology Videos to See First Friends will have fitness trackers too many of you will be surrounded by visitors or you can plan To Be A New Fitness Trackers Purses But have you ever wondered what happens to a small fitness device that can track your fitness Today you keep watching this video ahead of you and I'm going to talk to you about this Hello guys, my name is Gaurav, you are watching, Technical Guruji let's start Intro music Friends, here are those fitness trackers

It's a lot of beans like your smartphone These are the basic components of the friends, but they come to a large extent, A fitness friend who is a tracker also has some specially-made hardware that will not be in your phone Meaning whether your phone is even fifty thousand rupees but friends should have a 5,000-degree fitness tracker on which friends are friends She is advised to be advanced sometimes, she is only going to have her own fitness, her less than just doing this Is that how many steps did you take or how much to sleep when friends came to you, when did you ever work What was your heart rate that your smartphone might know about you and could not tell you So here the friends who are fitness trackers are those basic friends who are components, excelsrometer, gyroscope, GPS vargah GPS is not optional, but friends are optional But if you have a GPS then you can track how much you ran, saying that you are running If you have any of your activities, then friends can have your position in such a way, but here is the basic thing That's what the accelerometer, with the help of which is a fitness tracker, tells you how many steps you have gone Now you can do this less with your smartphone, but technically you can tie your smartphone on your wrist Only then will this work be done In a better way, if you are in your pocket, then friends who move It's not so acute enough to have an address, except it is not necessary when you're walking, the phone is your hands But if you want to have a fitness tracker, then with the help of accelerometer we can make a lot of friends The perfect ekretali effort means now to try to find dapneeti friends But still the error remains, but still with the help of the accelerometer, we Let's find out how many steps we have done

Friends come here after the Heart Rate Monitor Where the Heart Rate is the friend who is the monitor, most of them are the halliday lights where they are through your Vance After visiting friends, reflection is back, through which we know what is the heart rate Apart from this, some friends are some advanced version, but you also have some defensive options Because of the heart rate, where the friends are on your skin, because of the Mepadence, it turns out that the body of your body What's his blood flow going on, who has seen his trimmilis above the friends who have metal plates If you are in the grip of what is happening, then that opaque option also comes out Other than that, some of the fitness trackers here find you very much In the case of Capitulation motion sensing, where the friends are with the help of the Accurator X-rayometer, Gyroscope Wagah It tells you what type of activity you are doing, that means you are running or you are running Or are you swimming or friends you are doing some type of activity Then he automatically locks on the app which is automatic, besides the friends who are here They have trackers, tell you how much you slept, how to sleep, when you were in deep sleep, when you were in a deep sleep And this is the work that these friends have done, with the help of this all the sensor data, where they see what your What is the body, how long have you been in that position? How many friends were moving freaktanti yourself Or if you are sitting in the idle for Example 1 hour or half an hour then he will give you Warn You will not walk too late so if you come for a while, then these friends are a new item What's new is that censor is the same here but we see how we can use it and friends besides Here, just now tell you how many calories you have done, but this data is also a little bit like a step-by-step like twenty-two Beacross friends here have to feed first, what is your condition, what is your height, what is your weight? After that, what activity did you take for the activity of your heart rate How fast do you accomplish less then these friends will tell you according to an estimate take That's why you burned so many calories today or friends together with you, how much did you eat You drank a glass of milk and ate two chapatis, a bowl of rice, after that the friends saw that there was so much calories So what was the calorieres input, how much did you burn to the calories, so that you are not getting what you are fit Meaningless things tell you to a certain extent, in front of it gives you a guideline that such a system is going on But still things are not exactly precise Yes, your fitness tracker can make you fatweight how many steps you take or what your heart rate is You can monitor him continually or you can tell how much he sleeps in such a way

But it is not that it will make you fit, but here you have to do it and all this is only indication This is the key of the thing that you are moving in the right direction and not doing it virtually Day by day can motivate that if you walked 5 meters then today we can walk a little longer Or if he has slept less tomorrow, then he can sleep a bit longer, then it is a great thing, this is not the case That they will make you fit but still friends here, pay defhanitali, which is the technology of the big lotus where Let me talk to you about lotus lotus censor battery displacement and friends who are kind of like monitors That little bit keeps you locked up on your wrist which keeps locking your data throughout the day So this is quite interesting and these fact friends are now quite cheap, where you get Rs 1000, Rs 1500, Rs 2000 Inside, there is a lot of fitness trackers available This is what was the first luxury I can talk to you about some of the smart watches which are censored, but now you have a lot of budget All these options are also available within the range So you will tell me which fitness tracker you are using or you are planning a new gift Or you use it and you know that this is your experience, the friends who matter to you You will share me with me in the comments below Friends, thank you so much for seeing this much in this video, if you have any If you have any questions or suggestions, then do not forget to comment below If you have not yet bought and shared this video then please also share it And subscribing to the channel, do not forget too Bidkul may give you similar intensive tech videos Let's keep coming, for the moment, so many friends "Jai Hind Vande Matram"

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