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introducing helo the world's first help and lifestyle oracle a real-time health monitoring device unlike any other wearable device on the planet helo can monitor the most important measurements including heart rate blood pressure breath rate daily steps calories burned and helo can even perform an EKG helo can also sense removed if you're excited or even if you're fatigued paired with the latest smartphone application you can now track the health and well-being of your loved ones imagine being able to monitor your aging parents even if you're thousands of miles away or getting an alert if your spouse's blood pressure is too high helo not only monitors or important measurements but it produces a daily weekly and monthly health report that you can provide to your trainer or physician in the near future helo will be able to monitor blood sugar levels alcohol levels in our blood oxygen levels temperature and even keep disease delivering mosquitoes away but helo is more than the world's most advanced health monitoring device helo can also lower you with your loved ones are in danger unfortunately more and more women and children go missing each day according to the FBI with helo a child walking home from school can now press the panic button twice and his or her helo guardians can expect an emergency alert the attacks notifying their Guardians that they need help and what's amazing is that the Guardians you get the exact GPS location of their loved one take a look at another scenario what if you are taking a walk around your neighborhood and you spend danger lurking having that peace of mind simply alert your loved ones can be a lifesaver now that you've seen the power of this revolutionary product I'm positive you're ready to order one for you and your family members however helo is not found in stores helo can only be purchased online so click on the buy it now link or fill out our form to get more information about the helo right now

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