Helo Review LX World GN Fitness Tracker ECG notification vs Fitbit Surge vs Garmin Activity Tracker

alright so we're going to get going here I'm going to keep this really short and hopefully this is a informational entertaining but i'm really doing this for myself so for those of you that have been watching me or no me for a while you know that I've been on a journey I lost a bunch of weight I lost a little over 50 pounds and I did that with a product called keto OS and that's the good news the bad news is my goal is to lose a hundred pounds and I kind of stalled it's not the product or that it's actually me I I've not done a good job of staying on top of things and doing what I need to do with taking the keto OS so I really kind of be evaluated what i was doing when I was losing weight and what I've been doing since I haven't been losing weight and it really comes down to me tracking and monitoring and managing you know everything that's going on so i need to get back to taking this mikey OS which this one is the max you if you watched any of my videos you've seen this before and I need to be taking this to three times a day and I need to remember to take it might sound a little bit like an excuse that I I don't remember to take it but I get busy and I get up early in the morning and I start working in three four five hours goes like really really quick in the afternoon there's all kinds of activities and the kids and all that so I know it sounds like a major choose you should be able to just do the same things everyday but I forget that's just the way it is and that's a that is just ways but when I was losing weight I was tracking my food every day i was using my Fitbit every day i was getting in six to ten thousand steps not necessarily getting in 10,000 steps every day but I was getting in some some good steps and when I wasn't I i'm also thinking okay so here's the big deal my Fitbit where did it go now and laying here somewhere there is it died and this next my second fit these don't seem to last very long especially if you were more why did you stuff outside and travel like I do but this guy kind of broke in the middle so I taped it back together put a little superglue on it and that lasted for a little while and then it broke again on the ends and I take it together and you know it was a good device when it when it happened but this did steps it did heart rate and it did sleep and that was that was very very good for me to be able to track those things and that was that was very interesting but the device and i'm going to unbox here in a minute and i haven't even seen it live I'm gonna I'm gonna take it out of here in person if you will um this guy does all the stuff that my Fitbit does but there's a bunch of things i like about it that if it doesn't do it's actually got an EKG on it it does the steps it does the heart rate but it's also going to do the glucose monitoring I'm pre-diabetic i'm taking a no insulin whatsoever I don't ever want to take insulin so I test my blood sugar every day so every day I get out one of these machines and not put my finger and I test my blood and sometimes you do it more than once a day if I test my glucose it's about 50 cents for a glucose drip it's about two bucks for a ketone strips so about 250 and a so that's about 75 dollar-a-month habit i'm just doing that so with this new device i won't have to do that and then also my blood pressure cuff i checked my blood pressure now since I've been taking the keto OS my blood pressure is actually come down my blood pressure is actually pretty good most of the time and there's i'm not going to this is gonna be a keto video so I'm not going to get into all of that if you've got any questions send me an email as I say and all my videos in 1080p flat calm and I'll answer any questions that you have from that perspective but it's helpful my blood sugars and it's helped with my my blood pressure but i want to be able to monitor that on an ongoing basis so this this new device it's a it's called a kilo and you can't get it in stores you have to order it probably throw a leak under here or something where you can watch a video and maybe buy it if you want and if you've got any questions just text me or message me or email me or or whatever we'll see if i can get into this thing I haven't seen it so I could open this up and it could be a bunch of paper in here I don't know but see all right got it in here so here's the box so there we go there's the kilo itself whoo got some instructions i'll throw those away until I can figure it out then I'll have to get those back out because i'm a guy we don't read instructions let's see how do I open this bad boy up I actually I'm pretty excited about this this i learned about this from a but uh Meredith lawless black who is a play at cable company suddenlink and I was actually reaching out to her for my day job and she did that's talking she's lost a bunch of weight I've lost away yeah yada and i told him i fit was dead i'm going to get another one my wife is talking me into getting an Apple watch I didn't really want an apple watch I like my watches her Invicta does i've got a bunch of them every time I lose 10 pounds i buy another watch so I have five of them I'm gonna have ten of them soon I can't figure out how to get this box without breaking it let's see if I can pull it open there we go that's it alright we're getting into this live drum will now this is probably not wait to have a charge or anything so i'm not gonna be able to show anything i'll probably do another video or something it's got software with it is as well but and then I'm also not going to get into all of these uh these plates that it has to has all of these uh germanium plates and so forth on it so i'll do another video with that we'll get into some detail i just actually wanted to open this guy and just make this and a unboxing video if you will so looks like it's got the product information here battery charger helo itself looks pretty cool and so what why this why not an Apple watch why not another Fitbit you know what exactly is the is the the deal there ok so this guy i'm gonna read off this list here so I know missing so it does blood pressure heart rate EKG sleep quality breath test your emotions to tell you having a good day or a bad day let you know if you're fatigued counts your steps because your calories got a guardian function in a panic button so that's something i didn't buy just one I bought a family pack of these cuz i'm going to give to my in-laws and a couple of my kids and I'm gonna have one for myself and maybe one demo in doing so I got one of the classic versions which is the now going to be old generation the LX is the new one that's coming up we'll have one of those in a couple weeks but i ended up getting a really good deal of me so if you're interested let me know but um what else about this okay so here's the big thing i'm struggling to remember to drink my Kido ass to get my steps in to do all the things that I that I need to do and now this is going to help me because I not only can i monitor it and this is this is I got to keep your wife this kind of power and you just don't know what's up but she's gonna be able to monitor so she's gonna know if I got my steps and she's gonna know if my heart rates up she's gonna know if my what my calories on she's gonna know I mean she's gonna be able to monitor me in in God forbid something happened to me at home and nobody's home I have a panic button i have that option she also will have alerts on on her phone we're going to do the same thing with my in-laws are going to be able to track their blood pressure and in all the same things that I thought I told you and more there's something else that the the next version can have as well as it's going to have an alcohol blood as well so those that drink contester their blood alcohol before they drive that's cool and you'll have that there's a whole bunch of other things i'm gonna have to make another video for this but i'm actually really excited because i was thinking this is going to be a lot bigger this is actually even smaller than my Fitbit so i can show you guys both there's my busted fit here's my helo you know this guy's adjustable band and all that fun stuff but some people say that the well I'm gonna get a an apple watches that this technology is actually buy toshiba is the there the technology behind this I don't want a an Apple watch my wife's gonna have to watch my daughter is gonna have to watch nothing against Apple watches but i wanted something that did more I wanted to a health day and and I like my watch it so I didn't really want to have 22 big clunky watching I like this and I like this I like that fact this is small so I'm gonna play with this and i'll let you guys know i'll do another video or something and let you guys know how this goes but i have my heel oh it's good to go I've got the LX is coming and when i get those i'm going to get those two Marshall Nancy my in-laws and get them to you to use those again so they'll have them they already have marshals got a garment in Nancy's got I think it's gonna fit but this does a lot more and we want to be able to monitor them as well and the panic but I like the penny penny but it's not just for you know older people or elderly or whatever I mean I could be here home alone and you know have a heart pains or have something going on I can use the panic button but also kids can use a panic button walking home from school they see something crazy they can click and hit the panic button it's going to notify people right away so that's pretty cool so anyways I'm gonna end with that I don't want to keep going on and on i just want to open this thing up live and play with that I'm gonna put a link somewhere uh and if you want some more info to that or just email me or message me or text me or whatever and you can you can check it out but he'll oh it's a it's here now and once i get the app loaded and play with it a little bit i'll show you that in a leader to another facebook live well do it another video so I hope you enjoy don't want to keep you too long go eat your lunch or whatever time it is and we'll talk next time

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