How to play video on DZ09! {HINDI}

How to play video on DZ09! {HINDI}
09 Aug

Hello YOUTUBE & WELCOME friends Today I am going to show you How you can play video on DZ09 smartwatch! Let me show how you can play the video As you can see The video is playing on my watch Without and windows media player or VLC media player

If you also wanna to do it Just simply watch the video and don't forget to hit that thumbs up button for me and subscribe For more interesting and this type of videos Let me teach you First you have to connect your watch to your PC After connecting tap ok

Open your browser in your PC Then open the file converting website See it! i am using this website You can use any website This is very useful website for me See it! Its asking for the file which we have to convert You can choose your video for converting

After (STEP 1) on STEP 2 In Image format search for gif Then click on gif ON Step 3 Its asking for your mail for send the converted file to your mail

On STEP Click ON>Convert After converting it will send the file to my mail Remember! Don't forget to like and subscribe If you have any doubt related to it Write it down in comments

I will try to solve your problem and reply Its time for second surprise You can also play audio & video at same time Just follow me Like & subscribe its FREE!

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