InBody Band 2 Fitness Tracker – My Personal Review

InBody Band 2 Fitness Tracker – My Personal Review
24 Jul

– Well, I just got something new, and I'm sharing it with you We're gonna get right into it right here, right now

Stay tuned (calm music) Alright, guys Well, what's happening? First of all, Xavier Smith, AKA Mr XL Smith, and welcome to the Mr XL Smith Fitness Kitchen

We're talking about the InBody Band 2 Nifty little device that I just got So as a result of my status as a trainer and coach, we have companies that send me some products to test out, review and such, and I've had this for the last three or four days now and it does a lot of fancy things, and if you're looking for an affordable device that will help you keep track of (cough) Excuse me, keep track of your calories, your activities, your reps and all that stuff, you can do that with this little device As a matter of fact, I put a little video together, so check this out (chill rhythmic music) Okay, so there you have it, and on a scale of one to 10, 10 being the best product ever, this one comes in at around an eight plus, maybe a nine It's a very affordable price at $149, but here's the kicker Because of my status as the coach, trainer, I have an inside track and I can actually give you a discount

So if you're interested, you wanna put yourself in the best position to succeed and you're looking for a new product, this one might be the one for you It's very simple to operate The instructions are very simple, easy to understand, and like I said, if you let me know that you're in the market, I can send you a discount and you can get a few bucks off, and making this even more affordable for you, and making it more of an Xcellent solution Okay, so lemme know Make your desires known unto me, and I will send you that discount code, and then maybe when you tune in next time, if you have subscribed to the channel, you'll see me review my next product, which is Doctor Hoy's Arnica Boost, temporary pain reliever

So that's up next, and this guy is based here in Mesa, so I'm looking forward to doing that one Alright, so lemme know if you have any questions My name is Xavier Smith, AKA Coach X, and I'll see you next time (chill music)

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