Kiddoo, the Smartwatch for your kids

Kiddoo, the Smartwatch for your kids
09 Aug

Let your kids take off, give them freedom and autonomy without having to worry about it Kiddoo is the smartwatch for kids you were looking for Keep in touch with them wherever they are without the drawbacks of them having a smartphone The set up is very easy, install the Kiddoo app on your phone and insert a SIM card in the Kiddoo smartwatch That's it, you're good to go You can now call or send voice messages to your kids and they can in turn reach out to you The Kiddoo smartwatch also allows you to know where they are and define safety zones You will be notified when they enter or exit one Only the people you choose will be able to connect with that Visit wwwkiddoowatch

com to discover all of its features Kiddoo, freedom for kids, peace of mind for parents

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