LG Urbane Review

LG Urbane Review
27 Jul
LG Urbane Review smartwatchpanda.com

The LG Urbane is a high-end Android wear smartwatch resembling a comfort timepiece. If you are looking for something that separates you from the smartwatch crowd, this is the one. The LG Urbane combines all the hallmarks of a fine watch with enhanced features, adding a look, convenience and high-tech flair to everyday life. It is very easy to mistake this smartwatch for an actual watch because of it’s incredible display. It is perfect if you are looking for something a bit cheaper than the Apple Watch, but something still packs a punch with style and convenience.
With a full circular Plastic OLED display, the LG Urbane sports a thinner profile, giving it sleeker lines and a lighter finish. Loaded with a high capacity battery, the latest Android wear platform and compatible with Android 4.3+ devices, notifications from your favourite platforms can be seamlessly delivered to your wrist. Use OK Google voice commands to send texts and activate even more features.

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The LG Urbane watch has been carefully crafted in stainless steel, LG’s first all-metal Smartwatch features an interchangeable stitched genuine leather strap. The stainless steel body is accentuated with a narrow bezel that gives the device the sleek lines of a timepiece. A device fit for any occasion — dust tight and water resistant to wear everywhere, without a second thought. It comes with timeless aesthetics. Created with stainless steel with the added option of either a gold or silver finish. You can even switch the 22mm straps to match your mood from a selection of different straps.
We love big watches here at SmartwatchPanda, but even we were a bit surprised about the physical size of the thing! The way it looks is obviously an incredible masterpiece. (If you choose to use it)The leather strap is nice, if a little stiff at first, but soon softens. Helped a little by flexing it through your fingers repeatedly before wearing it.

Don't be surprised that you get comments from people all the time questioning whether it is a normal watch. The screen is lovely, and comments about the 245pixels per inch not being high enough, or that it’s “grainy” are ridiculous. Folks have become obsessed with numbers. On a device this size (1.3” 320 x 320 pixels), 245ppi is more than enough to give a lovely, clear display. The Text displayed on the screen is smooth and clear. This means it can deliver stunning image clarity all day long, no matter what the light conditions are.  On top of all this  the watch dust and water resistant (up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes).
A really strong positive is the Watchmaker App.You get to design and put in any watch faces you want . In comparison to previous models, in the LG Urbane, you find no cornering 3 glass face ,there is more of a 3D look making your constructed watch faces look much more real . Down to the finer details like being able to add a shadow on the hands to make their movement look more real.


There are a plethora of features viable on the LG Urbane.

For example, you can: See who's calling and texting, get flight updates and boarding pass and catch real-time feeds from Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and more. You could buy the watch for its hand free capabilities, but you will find so much more. It's great if you don't want to pull out your phone for each text or phone call, but it also is great for meeting reminders, weather, fit stays (steps,calories, etc.), maps and other cool features. Basically, any app that can set a reminder can display on the watch. The only thing missing from the LG Urbane is a speaker, but there is Bluetooth earpiece accessory which solves for that. Every day there is a new handy feature to discover. The Wi-Fi feature is great for when you're in the house and just leave the phone lying around. You can still have the functionality.

Phone free
The LG Urbane connects to your phone via the cloud, so you don't always need to stay on it to stay connected. The smartwatch delivers enhanced features so you can access essential information on the go direct from your wrist. Simply use OK Google voice commands to send texts, record memos browse the web or activate calls.

Hands Free
Get the most from the LG Urbane without lifting a finger. Scroll up or down between cards with the simple flick of your wrist allowing you to get the most of your Smartwatch with minimal effort.

Make calls from your wrist
Make calls directly from the LG watch Urbane. Access recent calls and your favourite contacts list from your smartphone when connected to a Bluetooth headset. This means you can place those all important calls without the need to remove your phone from your pocket or bag.

The “Always On” feature is great and means that it really does look like an ordinary watch in its “idle” state. Most people would have no idea that it’s a Smartwatch until the notifications appear.

Some tips and hints that SmartwatchPanda has accumulated for the LG Urbane are as follows:
– Use the button on the side.
– Double push for theatre mode (turns the screen off).
– Triple click for brightness boost (ideal if it’s extremely sunny and you quickly want to see the time without entering and navigating menus).
– Android Wear makes everything easy. Say “OK Google” to send texts, check half-time scores and the weather.


The Apps available on the LG are pretty standard including Gmail, Agenda, Play Music, Stopwatch Timer and Flashlight along with Amazon, Find My Phone, LG Pulse etc…

A highlight seems to be the Watchmaker app. Download the app then join the Google+ group. There are some seriously talented watch face designers on there. Opening up a whole world of Watch Face customisations.


The battery life is very impressive. Even with the ‘always on' mode (giving it that real watch feel). You can also turn that off to prolong the life of the battery. Powered for the duration of the day with the slim and powerful 410mAh battery. At night, simply attach LG Watch Urbane to the charging cradle.


The LG Urbane keeps you fit in style, it is great for any occasion. Designed to keep you fit, its built-in heart rate sensor lets you make strides whilst continuously monitoring your heart rate. The heart rate sensor which comes with the Urbane can be used with LG Pulse, the fitness application. It's certified IP67 dust and water resistant rating, that’s usable at up to 1 m for 30 minutes combined with its long lasting 410 mAh battery will give you the durability you need to ensure your watch stays safe while you stay on top form. Whether that doing running, hiking, swimming or mountain biking.

Out of the Box

  • LG Urbane Smartwatch
  • Leather Strap
  • USB charging dock (magnetic conncetion)
  • Quick Start guide

Lowest Price

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What We Like

  • The Operating System has improved dramatically in comparison to other models
  • The Battery lasts well over a day, no more worries about running out before getting home
  • Brilliant size for all.
  • Stylish Circular Screen
  • Excellent Support – Google always roll out new updates and fixes to the urbane first
  • Optionable Wi-Fi
  • Good Bluetooth range

What Needs Improvement

  • The Vibration is very gentle, and sometimes hard to hear
  • The lack of light sensor means you find yourself adjusting the brightness every time you go inside or outside.
  • The Operating System is not as intuitive as other smartwatches on the market
  • It's slightly chunkier than the average watch but the back of it seems fairly hollow – Perhaps not the best use of space?

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