Lively Wearable: Senior Fitness Tracker & Urgent Response Device in One | GreatCall

Lively Wearable: Senior Fitness Tracker & Urgent Response Device in One | GreatCall
10 Aug

Introducing the Lively Wearable by GreatCall, the fitness tracker with a one touch urgent response button for help 24-7 Now staying safe, active, and healthy is as easy as wearing the Lively Wearable on your wrist anywhere you go

The Lively Wearable comes with the free Lively Wearable app with lots of different national institute of health recommendations to keep you healthy physically, socially, and mentally It even counts your steps and tracks your progress for you The Lively Wearable also turns your smartphone into an urgent response device for help in any uncertain situation, and there's no quicker way to get help them with one step Just press the button You’ll be connected through your smartphone to a high trained 5Star agent

Agents will talk to you through your smartphone They will confirm your location, assess the situation, and stay on the line with you until the help they send has arrived When the button is pressed we will also make sure that a family member is notified on their smartphone The Lively Wearable is waterproof, so it’s okay if it gets wet, and it has a long lasting battery, so once you put it on, you never have to worry about charging it The Lively Wearable can even detect if you’ve had a fall when it’s worn around your neck on our specially designed lanyard

In the event of a fall, it will notify agents automatically The Lively Wearable is the most affordable, stylish, and discrete way to stay healthy and safe everywhere you go Order the Lively Wearable with 5Star urgent response services for yourself or someone you care about today

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