Michael Kors Smart Watch – Unboxing

Michael Kors Smart Watch – Unboxing
11 Aug

(percussive music) – Hey guys, Aaron here with 4 The Love of Tech This is our first video after we did our giant giveaway the other night

I had a great time, hopefully you guys had just as much fun as I did We gave away a Galaxy Note 8, Apple AirPods, Apple Watch, Xbox One S, and at the end, we even surprised everyone, and I did honor the 1200 goal, even though we only did 1150, for the Google Pixel XL Now, I listen to you guys, I listen to what you say I read as many messages and comments as I can, which brings us to the video of today My friend, Jackie, said, "Aaron, how about we get some information "and some comparisons on a higher end "fashion type of smart watch

" So she made a suggestion and I went out and followed it today We got the Michael Kors Android watch This is ran on Android Wear I'm super excited I haven't had a watch quite like this before

I've been rocking my Apple Watch ever since I got the iPhone 10 Now that I'm using my Google Pixel 2 XL more than anything, I'm really excited to see how this is going to integrate and potentially change my life Alright guys, here it is We got it right here Take a look at this box, here

Sorry, you're seeing the red light from the camera We have this beautiful Michael Kors watch It's gorgeous Look at this, here it is That is phenomenal

Look how great this looks It's gonna look amazing on my wrist I've been rocking the Apple Watch I'm giving it a break for the evening, not forever I'm probably gonna start wearing two watches again

I'm that guy Alright, so, now we're gonna open it up (chuckling) Put a little bit more strength on that than I meant to Toss that to the side I missed the trash can

It's just right there and I missed it Alright, um How does this open? So

Ah, magic button That's nice, little Michael Kors engraving there Little

(chuckling) As close to engraving as you get in cardboard, I guess Alright, so Look at that

Look at this, guys That is pretty spectacular Look at that Okay, so we're pulling the watch out So, we've got little watch foam like you would in any other watch that you would buy

Got a little extra foam or padding to keep it legit One thing I didn't think about was the wrist size I hope it fits my giant wrist So this is pretty nice presentation, guys, pretty nice This watch feels good, it feels heavy

Looks like we got some volume right there, probably some speakers If I had to guess, that's a microphone Can we zoom in? Power zoom Zoom No? Alright

Anyways Right here there's a little dot Oh, there it is, a little dot Keeps zooming in on my face, sorry about that The little dot is the microphone

Here, got the little MK logo on the side, do you guys see that? Can you see it? Do you see it? There she goes, little MK logo, alright Nice little watch Nice Poppin' it open Let's see if we can get you guys to take a peak on the inside of that

Michael Kors, super premium feeling Guys, this feels like a good solid watch Now let's see what else is in the box I don't know if there's anything in here I'm gonna go with no

Alright, here we go We've got manual Manual, Michael Kors, and It looks like we have a Michael Kors Another way to close the watch That's what this guy is

So they give you this so that they give you an option Good job, MK Good job Let's just see So actually, guys, this is giving me plenty of link

Plenty of link Little Michael Kors on there, so they're branding the heck out of this thing which you would expect Alright, now we also have the little charger Alright, so what we have going on is we have the Android Wear here on my Pixel, Android Wear here on the Michael Kors watch Tap to begin

(electronic music) Touch done on your phone, that's what it's telling us, guys Touch done on your phone Touching Done (intriguing percussive music) See this guy, he's setting something up We don't know what this is It's doing something, guys Oh, what is this? Buying or using, yeah, yeah, we're, we know about the Google Store

So I guess that takes us to the Google Store It sure does Home So it actually That's our home button Now, we can actually change the watch faces even more Here's this cool one, look at that, watch this This one looks really cool

Now, notice it gives you like this gray scale, I'm saving power and energy type of watch face, where you tap it, and it brings up a really cool one, then you swipe up Look at that Tutorial, get started, swipe up Swipe up This is a sample notification

Okay Okay, so we have sample notifications, okay So we tap on notifications Swipe right to exit, boom Press power back to go back to the watch face

Uh-oh, how can I, oh that actually did this, okay Press the power button to see the, oh Oh and look, as you turn your dial, look at that, guys You turn your dial I'm gonna tell you right now, this

It's moving pretty smooth The animations kinda slow down as they go from big to small, if you do see that Lemme try to go real

Ah, I guess it is pretty good I guess it's pretty good Flash light, oh, we always need a flash light

So this is nice little light So we probably swipe that way to, oh, that's how you go out for notifications to Google Play, so it's downloading to Google Play So you swipe down, you get all these nice little nifty things, you get this I don't know To turn screen

I don't know what that, what that did Oh, I think that turned the screen off That's do not disturb, that's airplane

The only thing I wish this watch had that it doesn't, guys, it's LTE This watch would be a home run if it had LTE As of right now, I don't know how amazing it is We're gonna play with it a few days, I'm gonna come back, I'm gonna give you my review I'm gonna tell you if I think this is a thumbs up or a thumbs down

And I'm gonna tell you right now, this is not my first Android watch, this is not my first rodeo I have high expectations 4 The Love of Tech signing off Have a good night, bye

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