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09 Aug

What are the current online and digital marketing trends?

THIS IS A AUTO GENERATED ANNOTATION Hi, everyone candidate from Net Branding Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Found Online I'm in London and been doing to digital marketing conferences I chose to do two very different conferences because I wanted a very wide spectrum of the type of digital projects […]

08 Aug

Digital Marketing – multichannel estate agents crisis. Future trends marketing keynote

Now for my wife and I when we were looking around, well we thought, we're empty we could live anywhere, that doesn't help an estate agent of course Because to which estate agent do we talk? Which town do we drive to? We had not a clue So we narrowed […]

08 Aug

Digital Marketing Tools and Trends and Best Practice

I'm Daniel Rowles from Target Internet and welcome to this short, introductory video that just explains to you what the channel is all about One of the key problems with Digital Marketing is the pace at which it's moving There are new channels, new tools, and things are changing pretty […]

08 Aug

Trends in Digital Marketing

Hi, I'm Donna Botti of Delos Inc and I'd like to share with you today a presentation I gave at the PV Chamber of Commerce Build Your Business lunch earlier this month I'm going to talk about some trends you need to be aware up in digital marketing, and give […]

08 Aug

What Is Google Trends and How To Use It For Your Digital Marketing

Hey Right Google Trends, what's it all about? Basically, it just gives you information on what people have been searching for and how that has changed over time and if it becomes a trend So if something is currently trending, like a sports event for example, if you pop that […]

08 Aug

Video Marketing Benefits, Video Tips, and Video Trends Part 5

video builds your reputation as an industry influencer and invokes a positive message that you're moving forward with digital trends in addition video distills confidence and tightens your relationship with your clients

08 Aug

10 Digital Marketing Trends that will Impact Your Business in 2015

10 Digital Marketing treands that will impact your Business in 2015

08 Aug

6 Digital Marketing Trends in 2018 That Will Explode Your Brand Awareness

– Today, I'm gonna share with you the six big changes when online marketing in 2018 Scott Oldford here and I cannot wait to help you create the unfair advantage in your marketing (dynamic music) Relevancy will win the game and that's the first thing that is changing It is […]

07 Aug

Unidev 2016 Digital Marketing Trends

Hi guys, my name is Ivan Tamelkov I'm a digital marketing account manager here at Unidev and today I want to talk to you guys about 2016 digital marketing trends There's five that I think you guys need to pay attention to this year The first one is digital storytelling […]

07 Aug

Digital Marketing Trends 2016 – Top 5 Marketing Trends For 2016

We saw a lot of changes to how marketing was done in 2015 Mobile phone usage surged past desktop browsing, and online video became the primary way people consume their information We also saw a number of new social media platforms come to the market and a few slip further […]