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08 Aug

Imacwear I5 bluetooth android smartwatch wearable silicone watch band smartphone with camera

Imacwear I5 bluetooth android smartwatch with camera wearable silicone watch band

08 Aug

Smart Watch M26 Android iOS

Hello guys, this is a short video review of the Smartwatch Rwatch M26 So when you get the package, here is what is inside You get the box, inside the box that's what you get The watch itself, there is charger which is standard USB cable and you here have […]

08 Aug

Frederique Constant Swiss Horological Smartwatch – Hands On Video

so here we can see that my watch and all the data from my watch have been downloaded to the at the words has 30 days of memories and here is showing my tracking activities said to do so throughout today I've walked 2729 steps and more distant of 22 […]

08 Aug

DZ09: Better Than The U8 Smartwatch?! (Review)

Hey guys! So most of you pretty much know what a smartwatch is by now and some of the well known ones are the apple watch and the moto 360 I’d love to get one of those but there’s one problem; the price I don’t know about you but I’m […]

08 Aug

Item review – EZON T031 GPS Fitness Watch

Hi everyone Thank you for joining me to a new video by "Original Video Reviews" As you can see we have here a new package And as always we're going to find out Together What's inside, and how to use this thing So let's not waste any time let me […]

08 Aug

Casio’s WSD-F10 Is A Smartwatch On Steroids [Review]

– [Narrator] WSD-F10 is, to me, the kind of model number you give to a compressor a nuclear reactor Not noramlly an Android Wear smartwatch, but Casio is not a normal watchmaker and the F10 is not a normal smartwatch I'm Michael Fisher and I spent two weeks getting to […]

08 Aug


– Today – Crazy smartwatch savings – Yeah! (light music) Hi, I'm the YouTube Deal Guy, Matt Granite – What's up, guys? I'm intern Amy – I find huge deals everyday, and we give every single thing that I test away to subscribers who have their notifications turned on The […]

08 Aug

Q18S SmartWatch Bluetooth Watch Phone Camera GSM CURVED Review ThinkUnBoxing

– Hello, this is Rich for Think Unboxing I got a great product to present to you today It's called a Q18S It's a smartwatch that will pair with either your iPhones or either any kind of Android cell phone that you might have, it will work with it, but […]

08 Aug

Casio’s Huge Smartwatch & Rugged Action Cam [Hands On]

– [Voiceover] Casio You know them for their iconic digital wristwatches of the 80s and 90s And if you're a MrMobile watcher, you know them for a big hunkin' smartwatch with a name only an engineer could love At this year's CES, that watch gets an upgrade and a new […]

07 Aug

Montblanc Summit – Meet our first smartwatch

Foresight can be more than an instinct It can be your weapon of choice On your wrist In your ear In your blood On your side Meeting’s on Road looks bad Take the shortcut Make the deal Time to move Take the ride Save the pass Know the gate Arrive […]