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09 Aug

What are the current online and digital marketing trends?

THIS IS A AUTO GENERATED ANNOTATION Hi, everyone candidate from Net Branding Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Found Online I'm in London and been doing to digital marketing conferences I chose to do two very different conferences because I wanted a very wide spectrum of the type of digital projects […]

08 Aug

Digital Marketing – multichannel estate agents crisis. Future trends marketing keynote

Now for my wife and I when we were looking around, well we thought, we're empty we could live anywhere, that doesn't help an estate agent of course Because to which estate agent do we talk? Which town do we drive to? We had not a clue So we narrowed […]

08 Aug

Future of Dentistry – digital dentists and dental practice trends – keynote conference speaker

I'm here at St Paul, Minnesota, at the 3M Technology Centre, where we've been discussing the future of dentistry using next-generation digital technology And one of the most extraordinary advances is the machining of new dental devices, to replace damaged teeth, or lost teeth, that have been formed as a […]

08 Aug

Digital Marketing Tools and Trends and Best Practice

I'm Daniel Rowles from Target Internet and welcome to this short, introductory video that just explains to you what the channel is all about One of the key problems with Digital Marketing is the pace at which it's moving There are new channels, new tools, and things are changing pretty […]

08 Aug

Trends in Digital Marketing

Hi, I'm Donna Botti of Delos Inc and I'd like to share with you today a presentation I gave at the PV Chamber of Commerce Build Your Business lunch earlier this month I'm going to talk about some trends you need to be aware up in digital marketing, and give […]

08 Aug

Disruptive trends driving innovation: digital future – David Jensen

We see three key megatrends that are emerging in the marketplace One around resourceful planet, two around digital future, and three around the future of work And the thing that ties these three things together are digital technologies and data Or maybe simply said, the internet of things As all […]

08 Aug

Emerging Digital Trends

Emerging trends at the moment are conversion optimization, you know that's becoming very important because content marketing has been the trend and continues to be a trend But people are now wanting to see what results they're getting out of that content marketing, whether it be written content, whether it […]

08 Aug

Wearable technology, the latest digital trends

It used to be that the words 'computer' and 'getting fit' completely cancelled each other out, but not anymore And the game changer is wearable technology These top tech trends make exercise fun and keep you motivated for longer And here are our favourite wearables that are available right now […]

08 Aug

Digital and Technology Trends in Wedding Entertainment 2017 & 2018

I want to talk about technology and the digital revolution yeah and the way it's kind of started to creep into functions and weddings one way that I've seen it happen is with magicians yeah so I mean that's just another kind of trend that we're seeing going forward is […]

08 Aug

What Is Google Trends and How To Use It For Your Digital Marketing

Hey Right Google Trends, what's it all about? Basically, it just gives you information on what people have been searching for and how that has changed over time and if it becomes a trend So if something is currently trending, like a sports event for example, if you pop that […]