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08 Aug

What Is Google Trends and How To Use It For Your Digital Marketing

Hey Right Google Trends, what's it all about? Basically, it just gives you information on what people have been searching for and how that has changed over time and if it becomes a trend So if something is currently trending, like a sports event for example, if you pop that […]

08 Aug

How to Use Smartphone as a Fitness Tracker | Mrinal Saha

Walking is man’s best medicine — Hippocrates Research shows that walking as little as 30 minutes a day is the most simple way to improve your health And compare to any other form of exercise walking is easy, you can do it anywhere and most importantly it’s has the highest […]

08 Aug

My Smart home 我的智能家居 ep01 | 我用什麼系列 Which system I use | Apple HomeKit hub |

Today I want to talk about my smart home I choose Apple HomeKit to be my smart home system Apple released HomeKit at 2014 Start before than other opponents almost 2 years How to use? Unlock door Hey Siri Help me lock the door Siri : I can't use HomeKit […]

06 Aug

How to Use a Fitness Tracker to Get Results

I think we finally have it we are now live I am sorry that it is taking me so long I want to talk about fitness trackers how to buy one how to make it work more importantly more importantly than that my name is CJ Johnson my passion is […]