The Movado Connect Is So Beautiful I Never Want To Take It Off

The Movado Connect Is So Beautiful I Never Want To Take It Off
10 Aug

– [Mr Mobile] For most of 2017, I've been wearing the same smart watch

And truth be told, it's getting a little tired So as a New Year's gift to myself, I finally gave into the Instagram ads that have been crowding my feed and picked up the Movado Connect It's a fetching little smart watch that does it's 136 year old brand name proud But for two big reasons, I might just have to return it I'm Mr

Mobile and this is a first look Yeah I'm not calling this a review because I've only had the watch for a day at this point So longer term insights about battery life and durability will have to wait for the possible future review Subscribe to the channel on YouTube and leave a comment if you'd want to see that So the packaging here is pretty typical, which disappointed me because the Movado Connect is the most expensive Android wear device I've ever purchased

It's over $200 more expensive than the first Huawei watch was at release And the reason I'm reaching all the way back to 2015 for that reference is because that one still holds the crown for best presentation Given how much more the Movado Connect costs, and the additional prestige of coming from a storied watchmaker, I expected a lot more than just a cardboard box Thankfully, Movado does deliver where it counts The watch itself has a graceful simplicity that I just adore

That spartan look carries over to the default face, which evokes of Movado's museum watch design from 1947 Another preloaded face called day into night suddenly changes color to follow the sun from rise to set And of course you can download any other watch face through the Playstore The display is AMOLED with good color and excellent pixel density, and the case and buckle are stainless steel with the band between them a very soft, comfortable black silicone Even on the charger, the details have been observed

The magnets that clip the ring to the watch are strong and lock it tight every time, which is actually pretty rare Oh and pro tip if you buy this, there are actually two protective film layers on the back of the watch out of the box Be sure to remove them both or it won't take a charge It only took a few minutes wearing the connect for me to decide it's the best looking smart watch I've ever worn The proportions of black to silver screamed bezel

Casing to band are just perfect Some folks might chafe at the fact that you can't change these bands, but I would never want to 'cause it's gorgeous just the way it is So why might I be boxing it back up? Well with a product as expensive as this, I can't help but look at every short coming more harshly And there's a lot that the Connect lacks There's no GPS, LTE, or heart rate sensor

I can forgive those because I personally don't care about them I mean this isn't a fitness watch after all But it's less easy for me to overlook the old gorilla glass display covering A wearable in this class really merits sapphire And while I like the charger, I wish Movado had made it a dock so the watch can be used as an alarm clock as many other manufactures do

The principle killer for me is Android wear Some day I might make a video detailing all of my complaints about Google's smart watch platform, but for now, I'll just say it's a confused and inconsistent system The only thing that's made version two enjoyable to me is the rotating side button on my LG watch sport A feature that I thought the Connect shared because I misread the spec sheet on Movado's website Yeah that's on me, but alas this is just a button

And it's the only button So you're stuck using the touch screen for almost everything else On a watch, that's uncomfortable And as you've no doubt noticed, it means the screen gets smudgy more quickly than it otherwise would And on top of that, recent developments at Google haven't exactly been encouraging with regard to Android wear as a whole

That executive departure caps a long year of uncertainty that hasn't been good for the platform's growth Yet the fact remains If you want a smart watch for your Android phone, your two main choices are Android wear or Samsung gear And Android still has the bigger app ecosystem by far If you go that route and looks are your top priority, you won't find many with the quiet class of the Movado Connect

Certainly not from Mont Blanc or Louis Vuitton who's flamboyant show pieces range from 900 all the way up to nearly $3,000 That might make Movado's pricing a bit easier to swallow Yes the diesels and fossils of the world are less expensive, but it wasn't made to do battle with them The connect is playing in the luxury space, and doing it very well Seeing it through that lens makes me almost understand how people could drop 600 bucks on this thing

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