TOP 10 Best SmartWatches for Kids 2017: Wearable for your children

TOP 10 Best SmartWatches for Kids 2017: Wearable for your children
08 Aug

Hi Guys! Nowadays the most important thing for the parents is to keep their children happy If you are looking for some gifts, then smartwatch will be a perfect present for the kids

These Smartwatch have an integrated feature, that matches the kid’s expectation These functions are included camera, video recorder, calculator, and motion sensor So, we make our TOP 10 best smartwatch for kids By the way, under the video, you can find useful information and links where to buy smartwatches cheaper Let’s start! vTech kidizoom Smartwatch The kidizoom is the new and better version of the original first generation device

This is a great starter smartwatch for the kids, which are features more activities, and clock faces, than the original It is perfect for the young photographers; this durable smartwatch has more memory, so the kids can take tons of picture and videos with 03 mega-pixel camera There is a feature of voice recorder, so your children change their sound, and give the cool effects The games are also available in the watch, which can be played via the touch screen

Its price is about $50 Filip 2 is a colorful smartwatch with voice recognition, which uses a unique blend of GPS, GMS, and WiFi to help and locate your child with both the indoors and out You can also set the five SafeZone, and receive the notification, when your child enters or leaves the SafeZone By using the Smartphone app, a parent is creating the contact list with 5 programmed phone numbers To make a call, your child scrolls the list, then select the name and make a call with just a touch of a button

Orbo Kids Smartwatch With Camera This smartwatch features both the analog, and digital clock faces, along with the alarm, and stopwatch features, which teach your child the fundamentals of reading time The Orbo kids Smartwatch offer 16 different activities with simple interface This device has features, like camera, talking Hippo, time master, games, and other fun, and stimulating the activities which will keep them occupied for hours GBD-GPS Tracker Kids Smartwatch GBD-GPS is a Chinese brand It functions an alarm clock, watch, GPS locator, location tracker and cell phone

It also tracks the steps, calories and sleeps in essence, the functioning of a basic fitness tracker You can also load 10 phone numbers into the app, and your child can toggle those numbers to make calls The GPS function is available on the watch Pressing SOS button, you can able to send the text message with a definite link to your child location, on the Google map Tencent QQwatch QQwatch is the wearable phone and the locator for the kids, which designed for parents for giving them peace of mind, while providing them with the freedom, which they want

This can make and receive calls easily You can add 5 family members and 16 friends via this app QQwatch has a unique blend of WiFI, GPS, and camera, which allows the parents to locate their child In the case of emergency, your child presses SOS button to initiate the emergency mode HereO This cool, trendy watch of HereO Company is power packed with stunning features

The watch is attached to the smartphone via an app and provides GPS location of your kid to your phone The app is available for both Android and iPhone It is the best security watch to guard the safety of your loved ones The device has proximity breach alerts, activate smart safe-zones, view location history, track school attendance and other technical features The watch is featured with all security features, which can assure your children safe

TickTalk 10S This is the watch, which solves your multiple problems at once It can solve the security issues, and protect your child 24/7 It’s best to use this watch to track your child’s every move, rather than hiring security persons The watch provides benefits of the phone like; it has inbuilt SIM, which allows you to make calls, receive calls, and also send SMS

Moff Band It’s best for parents, who do not wants their children glued to the screen, and this cool tri-color band makes sounds, whenever your child moves This comfortable slap-on bracelet is easy to wear and encourages kids to move around and be active with realistic sounds, that follow each action It will also have some adorable features, like make sound on every movement or guitar, piano etc LG GizmoPal 2 LG is one of the branded names into electronics market

They have a great lined up electronics products, like Smart Tv, SmartPhone, Washing Machine, and Refrigerators Like it other products LG GizmoPal 2 is also a great product for kids It enables to make calls and locate their children with the help of wireless GPS tracker The watch comes with inbuilt SIM You can call and receive calls from up to 4 authorized telephone number

It’s loaded with features, like GPS and calling facility Tinitell is made of durable materials and resists water and dirt, but it’s not recommended for swimming The watch comes with the pre-installed micro-SIM card You can store up to 12 contacts and manage them through Tinitell mobile app You are always able to locate your kid with a GPS, and it’s easily tracked on a map in Tinitell app

So, these are the best smartwatch for kids in 2017 If you have any other smartwatch in your mind, feel free to share with us in comment below Thanks for watching! Under the video, you can find useful information, and links, where to buy smartwatches cheaper Subscribe to our channel – Tech Brothers!

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