Top 12 Best Android Wear Games for your Smartwatch

Top 12 Best Android Wear Games for your Smartwatch
10 Aug

[[[ LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE ]]] Hey guys its me Rahul, The mobile gaming industry is getting bigger and bigger day by day Mobile games are becoming more realistic and developers are putting a lot of effort to make great games

Playing games on such a small screen is getting popular and people are not really bothered by the screen size anymore You guys know what this video is all about, so let's get right into it, you can look at playing video games on a smartwatch as a futuristic thing or as a stupid weird thing, either way you are right I have played games on my smartwatch long before i decided to make this video, and it is actually quite enjoyable My friends really love playing games on watch Just think about it, you are playing games on a freakin watch How CRAZY IS THAT

So today i’ll be sharing my top picks for the best android wear games 1Starting things off with papercraft, It is my favourite game to play on my smartwatch, and it is the only game that i had before making this video, The game is very simple, you have to shoot the enemy objects coming your way, and it does reminds me of galaga, and a lot of other retro mobile games The game is super fun, the controls are very simple, swipes and taps that's all you need 2

Pong might be the oldest video game that people still hasn’t forgotten, you can feel somewhat nostalgic playing BiDot, an android wear game that has a similar game mechanics, it is a bit different because in this game you have to Separate the bouncing blue and red dots by moving separator door from side to side 3If you are somewhat following the gaming industry for the past 3 years, you probably know a game called flappy bird, It was HUGE ,everyone was playing it, and the playstore was flooded with its clones So if you ever feel like playing flappy bird again , you can play that on your watch, with this game called bird wear, it has the same game mechanics as flappy bird, it is a lot of fun to play this game 4Digital galaxy is a very simple game in which you shoot asteroids at planets

5have you ever thought of playing tetris on your watch ? well, you can do that right now, dragon laser is a tetris like game, in which you place the blocks in the gaps,if you want to feel nostalgic, give it a try, 6Jump line is a really clever game that takes full advantage of the small screen of your watch, you need to draw lines in order to bounce the ball around, if the ball hits any falling spikes “GAME OVER” 7

Minecraft jumper is a game for your smartwatch that has nothing to do with minecraft, but it is another cool game in which you jump over obstacles and change tracks in order to progress in the game 8Power of two is watch version of the popular sliding block puzzle games 20-48,in this game you slide the same blocks to merge them and continue doing this until you reach the tile with a value of 2048 9I have never played solitaire in my life, i don't know how to play it either

Solitaire wear is a very minimal version of the solitaire games that you see on your pc 10Tictac toe is a very simple popular board game, and it is one of those games that it perfect to play on a watch, the game is simple , you know how to play it, so what are you waiting for ? 11 Have you had those geometry boxes which has a maze on top of it? And 2 or three small balls in the maze , well i grew up playing that during class, and now i can play it on my watch, i wish the animations were are little bit smoother, but other than that, no problems 12 Wear rider is the last game on this list, and it remind me of those 8 bit bike racing games on Nintendo consoles, the game is very simple you switch lanes to avoid obstacles And finish [[ LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE ]]

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