Vivint Offers the Latest in Smart Home Security

Vivint Offers the Latest in Smart Home Security
10 Aug

Aharon, a single dad, has just moved into his new house with his daughter, Eliza – I live here with my daughter, Eliza; she's six

She loves when I paint her nails We like to ride our bikes together We like to play in the playroom – I live here with my daddy and this is Sosa, our dog – Not a real good security dog, cause he's really small

And I don't think anybody would be scared of him I'm out of the house at probably 8:00 in the morning I don't get home until 6:00, 7:00 With Aharon at work all day, security is paramount We do have a babysitter, Fran, that watches Eliza

In the morning, we're always rushing to get dressed, get our lunch ready, and there's been times that I've either left the door unlocked or I've left the garage door open and I come home and the garage door is open A lot of my neighbors have security systems And I've noticed Vivint's signs around the neighborhood in their yards, and today I'm having a Vivint SmartHome rep come to the house to just give me a consult and just see if this is something that I want to do and put in my house (techno music) Hi! Hey, how are you? – [Rick] Hey, I'm Rick, with Vivint SmartHome – Aharon, nice to meet you

– [Rick] Hi, Aharon Hi, you must be Eliza – That's Eliza – Hi, nice to meet you – Come on in

– Thank you We came by Aharon's house to do an in-home consultation and customize his smart home system – [Narrator] After consulting with Aharon, Rick knew exactly how to accomplish what was needed – So let's kind of walk through the house real quick, kind of see what the layout is and everything I think a great spot for the indoor Ping Camera would be over here on the counter

– [Aharon] Okay – So one thing we would do is replace this one with a smart thermostat – Okay – So what that'll allow you to do is control the temperature from anywhere on your phone And it'll automatically adjust whenever you leave the house for you

These things are saving people up to 12% of their bill Put a camera up here, it's the Ping Camera – Okay – You plug it in, you'll be able to see everything that's going on in the room here The great thing about that, it's something that Vivint does that nobody else is doing, is it allows Eliza to actually hit the button on the top

It's a one-touch call-out So she can call you on your phone – [Eliza] Daddy, come home! – I'm working late, but I'll be home soon, okay? Okay, love you! – So you can be very integrated into her life, even though you're out busy at work – Great, she's gonna be calling me every two seconds (laughter) Love it

– Daddy's not gonna miss out on any princess things – And so this is where I would recommend we put our SmartHub It's what makes it all possible for everything to work together into one, seamless system The touchscreen display, it'll be able to control your lights, your door lock, thermostat, basically everything that's in the home Great thing with Vivint SmartHome is we're with you every step of the way We provide you with the white glove installation and service through the whole process, so you won't have to lift a finger

And even afterwards, we'll have our award-winning customer support there for you if you ever need anything – Sounds great; let's do it – Great, let's do it (techno music) Alright Aharon, so, excited to go over this with you This is your SmartHub; it controls everything in the home for you, so I'm gonna kind of walk you through it

If you notice on your app that you downloaded, the interface is very similar You're gonna be able to control everything– – It's exactly the same – pretty much the same way Your thermostat is here, your cameras, you can access from here, and your security and everything, doors, front door, back door Security plus home automation equals smart home

– [Narrator] Now, whether Aharon is home or away, he can lock his door with the touch of a button from his panel or his smartphone – And you can have it automatically change the temperature when you're gone so it saves you money What's great about this system, when the alarm is activated for an emergency, we can talk to you directly through the panel That gives us the ability to instantly verify what's happening and we can get the police out much quicker So to tie this all together, we are outfitting the home with Google Home, where you can actually voice control the whole system

So you can, by your voice, tell Google to lock the door, change the temperature, turn the lights off, close your garage, arm your security system, the whole nine yards So now that we have everything set up here, let's show you how to use the Google Home – Hey Google, lock the front door – [Google Home] Okay, locking the front door – Alright, well congratulations Aharon

It's been a pleasure– – Thank you very much – meeting you and your family So if you need anything at all, you have our customer support number We're with you every step of the way (techno music) (doorbell rings) – Who is it? – It's the babysitter! – Okay, you can get the door

– [Fran] Hi, Eliza – Hi! – Are you ready to play? – Yes! – Oh, yes – Hi guys, alright, I'm leaving; give me a kiss Have fun, see you later! – [Narrator] To find out how to make your home a smart home, visit vivintcom/designingspaces, or our website, designingspaces

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