Wearable Fitness Trackers Are ‘Bad at Counting Calories’

Wearable Fitness Trackers Are ‘Bad at Counting Calories’
09 Aug

If you're counting calories to lose weight, you might not want to rely on your fitness tracker A new study suggests the popular, wearable devices are good at a few things but keeping track of burned calories isn't one of them

Scientists at Stanford University tested seven different fitness trackers on 60 volunteers who were asked to walk, run and cycle They found that while most of the trackers kept good tabs on a person's heart rate, they all fell short of calculating how much energy was burned The Fitbit Surge was reportedly the most accurate, being off by about 27 percent, while the least accurate device, the PulseOn, was off by 93 percent Researchers said such wide margins of error could mislead people into thinking they've burned a lot more calories than they actually have Scientists urge developers to release data on how their devices calculate their information

For United News International, I'm Cambrie Caldwell

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