Wearable Technology Components

Wearable Technology Components
10 Aug

Wearable devices are a hot new trend in today's technology landscape, with more and more products being released every month From fitness, to healthcare, to infotainment, the wearable revolution has just begun, and it's set to continue its rapid market expansion in the years to come

In fact, by 2018, the market size for wearable devices is projected to reach 585 billion dollars, with 25 billion coming from the North American market alone When it comes to the inner workings of these products, the electronic components used are a critical factor when designing a new product for the wearable space Size, durability, power consumption, lifetime, and even heat generation all have a major effect on the usability and size of the device

With eleven different relevant product categories, each offering benefits to embedded devices, Panasonic provides a wide variety of products that are a perfect fit for the wearable market For example, our POSCAP and SPCAP Capacitors are small, lightweight, and feature a low ESR Using the right Capacitor for your application will help you mitigate surges in your circuit and extend battery life when used alongside other technologies, such as wireless transmitters And speaking of wireless transmitters, Panasonic manufactures RF module solutions that offer impressively fast and easy integration of bluetooth technology into wearable devices Whether it's dual mode bluetooth you're interested in, or bluetooth low energy, with revolutionary low power consumption, Panasonic RF modules provide the means necessary for wearables to communicate with smart phones

But our product offering for wearable devices doesn't stop there Our Varistors, Resistors, and Thermistors, are all critical components to embedded circuits for anything from regulating voltage, to compensating temperature in a circuit Thermistors may even add value by giving temperature sensing features to the wearable Mem sensors detect tilt and movement of a device, while advanced semiconductors including diodes, MOSFETs, LEDs, and application based LSI chips extend the usability of wearable devices, to include new technologies, such as near field communication, and wireless charging Lastly, electromechanical switches in narrow-pitch connectors help pull everything together and allow for rugged and durable signs, while maintaining the small size needed to create aethetically pleasing devices

All of this is made available from Panasonic If you'd like to learn more about any of the products seen in this video, please visit our website or give us a call And make sure that you subscribe to our YouTube channel so you're one of the first to know when we release a new video Thanks for watching

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