What are the current online and digital marketing trends?

What are the current online and digital marketing trends?
09 Aug

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I'm in London and been doing to digital marketing conferences I chose to do two very different conferences because I wanted a very wide spectrum of the type of digital projects and work that's happening in the and the wider world A world beyond New Zealand and the first conference was called UnGagged It focused primarily on search engine optimization and also how to push the boundaries with SEO and more While some of the tips were were very value add, I do think that we still should keep to our knitting and stick to the basics and if we do the basics right then everything else will follow The message that came through loud and and clear is that eighty five percent of the internet is redundant? So whilst we're all busy creating beautiful content for people to read we really need to see how we can elevate that content beyond the the pages that that that content lives within The conference that I'm doing at the moment which is the digital marketing world (DMWF) Forum has been very much focused on digital marketing

This conference is attended by many resellers of marketing tools but it was interesting to hear one of the speakers at the Conference today who said and I'm completely in agreement with it that you know we don't have to be spending thousands and thousands of Dollars as one of the vendors that I spoke to had an annual product cost start at a minimum of 30,000 pounds a year For the level of insight these tools can give – well, that's beyond the reach of most of New Zealand companies that we deal with so um don't feel left out because there's so many valuable tools and free metrics within the digital environment Take Facebook likes and tthe free Facebook insights and the moment that you get over the hundred likes you're able to gain access to a huge amount of valuable data Add to that and you know your webmaster tools / search console tools can provide very valuable information for deciding how to do what you need to do and then? you've got your campaigns and Yet to think about how you what you want for that piece of content Is that content something to build trust is that content something they want to generate a lead from? is that content part of the funnel to take them to the next piece of Content ? so yeah again deciding exactly how you want to use the content that you are sharing – to gain that audience and an Interesting comment today that social media and particularly Facebook is going to continue to grow as a tool continue to grow as a method for businesses to operate with them and Often keeping the discussion in the dialog within Facebook rather than even taking you back to the your website now I suppose that something I'm going to have to get my head around because I've always preached the funnel funnel taking it back into the website and dealing with the transaction or or gaining the lead from your website, so things are changing Social Media or digital marketing has been around for a decade now or just more than a decade There's so many new things coming along so watch this space And I intend to do a few more of these videos to keep you up to date so be seen be heard be found online all the way from London and calculate from these branding

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