World Helo Wristband 7 minute presentation Helo Review LX World GN Fitness Tracker notification

World Helo Wristband  7 minute presentation  Helo Review LX World GN Fitness Tracker notification
10 Aug

welcome to world and innovation and technology company world is the first company to use toshiba a polite high-performance processor and its newly released product the helo helo is the world's most advanced real-time health monitoring device that monitors blood pressure heart rate breath rate steps calories mood energy and can even perform an EKG in connection with the helo apps the helo has a remote monitoring function so you can monitor your loved ones and your loved ones can monitor you along with the ability to monitor your health but he will also has an incredible safety feature called the panic button when you or your loved ones press the panic button twice the device sends an alert to Guardians via SMS and email the Guardians will be notified exactly when the panic button was pressed and they also received the last known GPS coordinates via google maps this feature can be a lifesaver and is a must-have for your children your spouse parents or your grandparents the helo also comes with mineral and magnetic therapy himalayan salt stones and germanium stones are attached to be hypoallergenic band these stones can increase blood circulation raise oxygen levels remove harmful toxins relieve joint and muscle pain and promote a better quality of sleep as you can see the features and benefits of the helo are mind-blowing but what's even better is that the value of the helo can actually appreciate the longer you have it because the technology is so advanced each time a new feature is added to the helo the firmware in the device and software in the app updates adding the new features for instance world is in the process of adding more features to hilo like oxygen level monitoring blood temperature monitoring and the ability to check the alcohol level in your blood so you can check if you're okay to drive the future update will even have a mosquito shield feature that will keep those blood sucking pests far away from you so as you can see the hero is more than just your ordinary wrist device it's truly and investment in the health and wellbeing for you and your loved ones so how much does the helo cost most risk devices on the market can only view a quarter of what the helo can view and are priced from 250 dollars to over five hundred dollars world understands that the helo can be priced well over five hundred dollars with all its features but instead world has decided to make it affordable for the masses and release the hero for only three hundred and twenty dollars for one device or by four heroes and you get one absolutely free that's five kilos for the price of four but wait before you buy your helos let's learn more about world and one more amazing benefit world has in store for you world is a public company its stock symbol is WR MP and it's the company that's truly taking the world by storm in five years world has already created a community of over 700,000 customers worldwide and is ranked the fastest growing technology company in it sector with 15 offices around the globe and its ability to ship its products over 195 countries world is positioned to be the next multi-billion dollar company the visionary behind world is the CEO and founder mr Fabio gavi mr

Gowdy has been leading the technology arena since 1994 when he founded the second largest Internet service provider in italy in 2002 she introduced one of the first touch screen LCD pcs and in 2005 he was one of the first to develop voice solutions for residential use in the last five years he has turned world and his space technologies into a 157 million dollar company and with the introduction of the helo the sky's the limit but what has truly helped world become successful for its customers world lets their loyal and satisfied customers spread the word and in exchange they share their profits with their customers yes you heard that correctly world shares their profits with their customers two worlds amazing customer referral program the program is not only simple and lucrative it's one hundred percent at absolutely free to join everyone knows that referral marketing is the most effective way to grow a business referring customers are three times more likely to buy and that's why world has put together a powerful customer referral program to promote its amazing products every customer that purchases a product from World automatically becomes a world member and receive a free personal website when you purchase a world product the system will ask you to register a username this user name is used to create your free personalized web link when you share this personal web link with others world will pay you ten percent of the sale for example if a customer you refer purchases a helo for 320 dollars you'll make a $32 referral Commission and there is no cap as to how many customers you can refer it gets even better because as a loyal customer world will pay you when your customers refer other customers that's right world will pay you referral commissions when your customers prefer other customers for example if tom and sara become your personal customers and each of them referred to customers you would make commission from those sales and when those customers refer other customers you will make commissions from those sales the bigger your network of referring customers becomes the more money you can make here is a chart that demonstrates your income potential if your network just grew by the power of to the power of 2 is simply to customers getting to customers getting to customers etc imagine 12 months you could earn over $80,000 in extra income and if the power of Q continued through 18 months your income would be over 1 million dollars you might be asking yourself is real absolutely through the power of social media sharing your personal web link is super easy you can reach people from the us to Europe or even HS by simply posting a photo a product review or a personal story about your experience and adding your personal web link the earning potential that world provides customers is limitless as a matter of fact world already has a documented handful of members earning q2 48 million dollars a year and thousands during life changing income across the globe and the best part is that it's completely free to join simply become a world customer by purchasing a world product and start sharing your personal web link to everyone the great Warren Buffett says that whatever you like to do make it a hobby and whatever the world likes to do make it a business world understands that the era for wearable technology is here and now and this is your chance to take part in this explosion last but not least world and its leaders are here to help you succeed we put together all the tools and strategies you need to help you find your customers and make more money the decision is easy become a world customer and with the help of our marketing tools you can turn five minutes a day into a lifetime of time freedom thank you for taking the time to view this entire video and we look forward to helping you achieve better health and wealth with worlds

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