Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Review of International Version of the smartwatch

Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Review of International Version of the smartwatch
09 Aug

Hello internet Today we are going to review international version of Xiaomi Huami Amazfit What is Xiaomi Amazfit you may ask? Well it is an combination of functionality and style merged in a single piece of incredible smartwatches for very acceptable price

I’m not going to describe the appearance of the device since there are plenty of pictures and videos of it in the internet Instead I will notice that device has an eye catchy “more sporty, than classic” design, that will most likely suit the jogger rather than man in suit However, if you will try replace standard 22 mm rubber straps with something made of metal or leather it may change a picture a bit At first glance it may seem that backlight of display lacks brightness however it compensated by OLED technology that allowing to create very contrast images on the display and that is why all the pictures and text will stay readable even on the direct sunlight Among standard functions Amazfit has heartrate colories, milage, pace, speed and cadence monitoring that will be involved in one of 4 different modes such as Walk, Run, Run Indore and Trail Run In upcoming updates Biking and Biking indoors mods that already installed on the Chinese version will be added Lower in settings you will find some setups for non-professional trainings

For example, watch will send you a notification that heartrate is above predetermined limit or message that you are running slower than my grandma You may also set up time or distance after overcoming which Amazfit will send you a notification After the certain exercise you can see the statistics throughout the day Also very convenient function, also very convenient functions that Xiaomi Band 2 lacks and Amazfit has, is constant heartrate monitoring that will work even if you are not use any sport mode at a time Amazfit has its own storage where you can store your own music

To upload it simply connect the device to your PC and copy/paste files to the Music folder You don’t need your smartphone to be connected to play music, however it will require some Bluetooth headphones headphones Another function is sleep monitoring mode that will be turned on automatically every time you are going to sleep All the information will be recorded and you can get access to it through your watches

Instead of MiFit Xiaomi Amazfit prefer to use its own application called Huami Amazfit, that basically serves only for synchronization with your phone and allowing you to choose from big variety of watch faces And in future, i guess, there will be even bigger choice App also allowing you to set up notifications By the way, almost forget to mention that device allowing you to read SMS right on the watches screen Battery life time may vary from 2 to 5 days depends on the usage With the sport modes constantly on the device will work about 1-2 days, if you will use from time to time it may work for about 2-3 days, and if you use it only to count your steps without GPS, which seems to be eating the most of the battery life, it may work for 4 or even 5 days

Display protected by corning gorilla glass and can easily withstand some accidental hits during the usage It may even be used under the heavy rain or in shower, however, I would not recommend you to use the device for swimming With the watchers in the box you will find USB Cable, Charging Dock and English User Manual In general, Xiaomi Huami Amazfit is very nice good looking and accurate in terms of measurements device Among the drawbacks I have noticed only very shitty synchronizing application and standard straps, that may look nice but feels very uncomfortable on the skin

So I may advise to change to something better since it is removable For the rest is very good smartwatches Devices is easy to navigate, have attractive design, accurate sensors and very decent battery life And that is all for today If you liked amazfit just follow the link in the description and If you liked the video give us your likes, subscribe to our channel and leave you comments in the section bellow

I’m Elijah, thank you for watching and Farewell!

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